How can Osteopathy help you?

Get the help you need with osteopathy

Rather than taking medicines that merely mask your pain, osteopathy identifies and treats the underlying cause. It means your treatments will address any injury, and restore movement to muscles and joints.
Whether you’re looking to reduce the effects of aging, address an issue with your newborn, or reverse a sports injury, tailored osteopathy treatments will help restore normal function. And because you’ll address the underlying issues, they will be less likely to recur.
Your treatment might include stretching and strengthening exercises tailored to suit your condition and age. Your posture, diet, stress levels and other aspects of your daily life will also be included in an individually designed programme to give you the best chance for recovery, and the best protection against a recurrence.
Osteopathy treatments can include acupuncture to relax tightened muscles, release stiff or frozen joints and help heal injured tendons and ligaments. Our osteopaths aim to permanently reduce your pain and dysfunction to get you back to a normal, active life.
Contact Whole Body Osteopathy to find out how osteopathy can help you break free from pain.

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