Get free of  Pregnancy Pain

Enjoy a pain free pregnancy and take pleasure in this period as your baby is growing. We can help you with common pregnancy ailments with a treatment plan tailored for your body and your situation.

Osteopathic treatment for pregnancy pain can alleviate these symptoms related to the rapid physical changes brought on by pregnancy. As the baby develops and the weight increases in the abdomen, the woman's body has to compensate for these changes and this has an effect on the spine, ligaments and muscles. The body also releases specific hormones during pregnancy and these affect the ligaments by making them stretch more easily in preparation for the birthing process. Consequently the muscles have to work harder to cope with these changes and accommodate the change in weight distribution. If the body does not cope well with these changes or if there are existing stresses on the body, pregnancy pain may result. This may take the form of back pain, sacroiliac pain, pubic or groin pain, rib pain, indigestion, or shortness of breath.


Osteopathic care during pregnancy is safe and effective and helps relieve pregnancy pains. By helping the body to adapt to these changes enables women to feel pain free and enjoy their pregnancy. Pain during pregnancy is all too common but can be treated effectively and usually quite quickly.

If you are getting any symptoms related to pregnancy pain contact us at Whole Body Osteopathy

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