Break free from back pain

When you have back pain, work, leisure activities and even sleep can be disrupted. If you want to get back to living pain free and mobile, talk to us now.   With a tailored treatment plan, you can usually expect to see improvement within one to two treatments. We’ll look at a combination of spinal and soft-tissue mobilisation, manipulation, acupuncture, core stabilisation, ergonomics advice, strengthening exercises and stretching.

Treating the cause of your back pain

Getting you back to full health begins with identifying the source of your pain. It’s most likely to be caused by irritation of the bones, joints, ligaments or soft tissue of your back. It can also be ‘referred’ pain from an injury somewhere else on your body. We focus on getting you back doing the things you love faster, not on long, drawn out treatment programs. We’ll work to reduce your pain, restore movement and let you get back to your life.
Contact the team at Whole Body Osteopathy now for relief from your back pain.


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