• Get active, stay active

    Whatever you love doing, we’ll help you reach your personal best – improve your performance, prevent injury and recover faster after training or from injuries.

  • Keep up with modern life

    Sleep better, think better and feel better – whether you sit all day or have a physically demanding job, we’ll help you meet the challenges of modern life with a mix of treatment, exercises, stretching, ergonomics and diet.

  • Physical freedom, whatever your age

    Improve your quality of life and keep doing the things you love – get freedom of movement and freedom from pain in all joints of your body.

  • Safe and effective for the whole family

    Get safe, effective treatment for all the family from newborns to grandparents; for everything from back and neck pain, sports and shoulder injuries to pain during pregnancy and unsettled babies.

  • The team at Whole Body Osteopathy

    Phil, Victoria and Jose

Whole Body Osteopathy - live free, pain free

Chronic pain, injuries or limited mobility in your joints and muscles can stop you from living the life you want, so come and visit your Osteopath and live free pain free. Whatever your age, osteopathy treatment from Whole Body will help you gain mobility, heal injuries faster and better manage chronic pain. Gentle and effective treatment by the osteopath isn't just about relieving your symptoms but about treating the underlying causes too. Come and visit us in our osteopathic clinics in either Howick or Grey Lynn.   We're ACC-registered, so there’s no need for a referral – just get in touch with our experienced team and live free, pain free.

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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is hands-on manual medicine to care for your whole body without the use of drugs. Your sessions will relieve pain and discomfort, restore function and help return your body to optimum health by treating the causes of your problem, not just the symptoms.

This holistic approach means we use a range of techniques to suit your unique situation including soft tissue massage and stretching, joint mobilisation, spinal manipulation, muscle energy techniques and trigger point release.

Gentle, safe and effective, our service can help people at any age and stage – whether you’re concerned about your newborn, a child or an elderly person.

For holistic, hands-on treatment of a wide range of pain, injury and mobility issues, talk to the team at Whole Body Osteopathy.

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  • Fixed me up in no time

    I was pain free and back to normal in no time after a badly pulled back muscle. Phil was very welcoming and made the whole process easy and pleasant.  Will definitely be back should I need to in the future!

    Emily C
  • I saw Phil after I've had an accident at work. Not only did he fix that problem but all the other bits and pieces that were wrong with me:) He's very compassionate and caring and took excellent care of me. I would recommend him to anyone and will def go back in the future! thanks Phil

    Nora L
  • Between work commitments, raising two boys and teaching Muay Thai (Thai boxing) my life can get pretty hectic. So the last thing I needed was sciatica. I wasted a lot of time and energy, with nil results, trying to remedy my problem. Then I met Phil. Phil is a true professional. In moments he was able to diagnose the problem, actually describe the pain I was feeling and more importantly outline and implement a plan to fix it. Don't waste time living with pain go see Phil and get it sorted.

    Ant Fryer
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